Circular - March 2012
No more containers, but I’ve still been passing on medical equipment to other organisations – but the hand over to Medi Aid is almost complete. Since Christmas, equipment has gone to Libya, Somalia and Syria. I am now preparing things for Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda. Our Carrickfergus store is filled with a range of ultrasound scanners, endoscopy systems, and lots of other things, but soon this will all be dealt with by Medi Aid. It has taken a while to wind this up, but Fred Picking, who had helped us for so many years, and whose technical expertise and advice I very much depended on, died recently, and it is time for a dedicated organisation to take over. As Acheru grows, I can’t deal with so much specialised equipment on a ‘part time’ basis any longer. If I need any equipment for Acheru, I can request it from Medi Aid; I hope also to help Kiwoko out with spare parts if required. Over the next few weeks I am sending out remaining items by air freight, and also taking a trailer load to CBM in England. This should at last give me the time to catch up with other things; since being ill before Christmas, it has taken me a long time to get my strength back.
One thing I want to do is write more. I am working on several ‘projects’ but at last the Acheru book is finished, and available now for anyone who wants it. It’s called “The Road to Kabembe”, and tells the story of the development of Acheru from the finish of my previous book up to the official opening last October. The book can be ordered directly from us for £10.00 including postage and packing.
Of course my primary responsibility remains Acheru. Having seen it develop into such a well known and effective unit in such a short time, I want to do everything possible to enable it all to continue, and to support the staff who have shown such loyalty and commitment. I’ve been very encouraged by the support received for Acheru despite the recession. I have heard from other organisations in Uganda who referred children to Acheru, and were very impressed with the results.
Acheru has been trying to deal with more children from northern Uganda, but they are full to capacity and the waiting list is growing. We are therefore about to go ahead with further development – build a staff house, put in a second large underground water tank to enable more rainwater to be collected, and build a hostel for patients and relatives – planned as a 12 bed unit with an extra room as future staff accommodation. This will enable Acheru to treat more children from northern Uganda – those who have already been successfully treated and returned to the north are spreading the news of Acheru, resulting in more children being brought to clinics.
After many delays and technical problems, we have now finished a 30 minute film of Acheru showing something of the work done in the unit, and the official opening. It’s now available on DVD at no charge to anyone who wants it, so please make use of it – this film will tell you much more about Acheru than I can with words.
Thank you to everyone who has helped develop this very effective ministry to suffering children; please read the book and watch the film, which I think will encourage you.
Brian Dorman

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