Circular - March 2014
We are still in the process of evaluating all the work of Acheru; the unit is very busy, and we want to look at ways of maintaining standards of treatment and care and hopefully making improvements which will enable us to help more children. The following are some figures to show what was done last year – our expectations are that from what we’ve already seen 2014 will be much bigger.
In addition to 789 children who continued to receive treatment, a total of 365 new patients were registered in 2013. Some of the conditions treated were cleft lip & palate 10, cerebral palsy 80, osteomyelitis 31, post injection paralysis 33, post burns contractures 3, club foot 29, fractures 18, deformities of the knee or lower leg 33, plus 128 others.
A total of 448 children were treated as inpatients, 43% of whom were new admissions. Children were also seen in the north at our Minakulo base just south of Gulu, and at our two rural clinics, Otwal 45Km east and Zambia 25Km west. Conditions seen included 101 orthopaedic, 26 burns contractures, and 68 cerebral palsy. 52 were referred to Acheru for surgery at CoRSU. We still see a lot of potential for development in the north.
We’re having a meeting of our Africare trustees in March to look at a number of issues including our arrangements for dealing with new charities legislation, and how a number of people can now take more responsibility in the management of the work. Please pray for us as we, as trustees, work with Acheru to seek the best way forward for the work. We’ve been encouraged by all that’s been done, but we want to ensure the Acheru staff feel encouraged too.
Hazel and I are just back, having been in South Africa since mid January, staying near Alan Clegg in the Western Cape. It’s been very encouraging to see the level of interest in the Acheru work, and meet a number of people who have read my books. We had an opportunity to talk about the work when, for Valentine’s night, our local church, Lakeside Chapel, held a ‘Road to Kabembe’ evening when I showed them the work of Acheru and its development, and we shared a meal afterwards. Although it’s not a big church, we were impressed by their commitment to mission.
Brian Dorman

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