March 2012 - Case History - Kato Grace
Kato was born on 26th.August 1997. He is a twin with a twin sister called Babirye. This indicates that Kato came next to Babirye on earth. His mother is called Harriet and father is Moses. Both parents are young couples. The father has two wives living separately. Both twins are the first born of Harriet. Unfortunately Grace was born with bilateral feet deformity. This deformity was attended to at birth at Kiwoko hospital but during the process the father decided to withdraw as he could not see any quick results so he saw it as a waste of time. At a certain stage, they were referred to Nsambya Hospital for surgery which they refused also.
Katos feet (Dec 2010) Kato in his 9th cast (April 2011) Kato Grace after surgery
Katos feet (Dec 2010), Kato in his 9th cast (April 2011), and Kato Grace after surgery
Sam Mutumba identified the boy as he was passing through the village. He started counselling the parents about the operation. At one stage in 2009, they had agreed to take the boy for a checkup.
They were to bring the boy to ACHERU but the grandfather intervened and said that this is a family issue. He referred to the late grandparents who had it and said that his grandson can’t be operated and if they do it he will not heal. So the programme was cancelled. It then took some months of counselling the parents taking live example of those we had worked on to them to see that it could be done. Grace was impressed when he saw them. He started himself pressing the parents to be taken for operation. So during the long school holiday they decided to bring the boy to ACHERU. He was admitted on 29th Nov 2010.
A serial manipulation was started immediately. P.O.P casting is done and changed every 2 weeks on both feet. So far nine of them have been done and we have both feet showing very good results. By the start of the manipulation the feet were at angle below 45 degrees but now there is a tremendous improvement.
We hope after the tenth change he will be ready for operation releasing some of the tendons and be given an appliance called an AFO for each foot.
Update received June 2011
This boy was taken to CoRSU on 23/5/2011 for bilateral anterior tendon release.
After the release, he underwent 2 manipulations. He was taken for review on 16/6/2011. The Doctor suggested that he stays on a cast for more 3 weeks then measurements for the AFOs will be done

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