July 2015 - Case History - Ssenuni Mathias
Ssenuni Mathias is a 4 year old boy from the small village of Kyawanyana in the district of Rakai in western Uganda. He lives with his parents who are farmers and he has two other siblings. He was admitted in ACHERU on 17th March 2015 with a wound on the right leg, which was discharging fluid on various sites. Over the course of 8 months, they sought medical attention in different places but to no avail.
Mathias before treatment
Upon assessment at Acheru his family reported that Mathias’ wound started as a small swelling and within a period of three days he was in a lot of pain. Initially they did not take it seriously but after a week the leg started swelling and the boy could not walk. The upsetting thing for the family is that people in the community started saying that he was bewitched and they discouraged them from taking him to hospital. In the village people believe that if someone suffering from that disease which they call “Ettalo” is taken to hospital and gets treated, then that person passes it on. The family were too fearful to continue to seek proper treatment for Mathias. Instead they resorted to using local herbs, smearing them on his wounds and making him drink them. However, after 3 months the state of the wound deteriorated significantly and he was in considerable pain. Obviously osteomyelitis had set in. Despite this, the family still treated him with local herbs and painkillers. Many people told them to take him to the hospital, yet by this stage the family were so fearful that he may end up having his leg amputated.
Eventually the family heard about the work of Acheru, they were able to see photographs of children who had been healed and after some convincing, they were happy to visit Acheru and see for themselves children with similar conditions to Mathias which made them happy for him to be treated there.
Following treatment his mother stated, “I am so happy to see that my son is doing better, the whole community and my family thought the leg were to be cut off but right now he is fine. The wounds healed and we are going to be discharged home, I know many people do not believe that the leg is not cut off but they are going to be surprised to see it with their own eyes when we go home. Thanks be to God!”
Mathias after treatment

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