June 2012 Report - News of what is happening at home, in Uganda, and some details of the fund raising event being organised for 15th September 2012.
It’s now more than 6 weeks since my heart surgery, and I had expected to be well recovered and ready for work by now – yet here I am, writing this from a hospital bed, with investigations continuing into so far unidentified infections. Unfortunately, for much of the time I simply don’t feel up to tackling anything work related, so please be patient if you are waiting to hear from me. I realise a big backlog is accumulating but I simply can’t do anything about it at present. I will try to catch up as soon as I am able, but that may take some time.
However, with or without me, the work of Acheru goes on and I hope in future they will be less and less dependent on me. Thank you to those who are assisting direct with Acheru or helping Africare in other ways, it’s a big encouragement to me. I really don’t want to carry all the responsibility for Acheru, it’s too important a work now to be dependent on one person.
Latest news from Acheru is that the new patient/relative hostel is finished and fully occupied, giving us another 12 inpatient beds. We also changed the plans to include further staff accommodation; this meant the cost exceeded estimates, but we think it will prove very worthwhile. Work has now started on a staff house for Joyce and her family. When this is ready, the nurses presently accommodated in the inpatient unit can move to the staff apartments presently occupied by Joyce, and this will free up more space for inpatient beds. This means we should be treating many more patients in future, but I would ask you to think about the increased burden on the staff, and the demands on the budget. Now that capacity is increased, we are looking very carefully at how to develop our work in the north and I hope to have more news on this soon.
Now news of a big Africare event. Please note that this has been organised for Africare, not by Africare – and this is a big encouragement. People often have ideas for promoting Africare, but this usually means work for us which we just don’t have time for. This event has been organised by Etta Halliday, and is very timely. Firstly, I am simply not able to do anything at present. Secondly, it is exactly the right time to try to raise the profile of Africare in view of plans for Acheru to develop work in the north of Uganda.
I hope you will be able to join us on Saturday 15th September in Belfast City Hall for “A Song And A Supper” to celebrate Africare’s work. Tickets are priced at £30 – great value for what is planned!
Guests will enjoy:
- an African reception (drumming, a “welcome” drink and an exhibition of art and photography)
- a three course meal with a background of live jazz piano
- a short musical concert with friends from New Irish Arts
- updated information about Africare
- Dress code “smart casual”
Tickets can be obtained from Africare or from Etta Halliday at 07780 962 697 or email: etta.halliday@tiscali.co.uk
Etta would be delighted to talk to individuals or businesses who would be interested in sponsoring part of the evening.
It should be a really special evening and we want to see as many of you as possible attending. The host is Alderman May Campbell, the High Sheriff, with all facilities provided free courtesy of Belfast City Council. The aim is that everything will be provided at no cost to Africare, which means that all money raised will go to the work of Acheru, and I hope that on the night I will be able to tell you more about our developing plans for northern Uganda, and how the money raised will be used.
Brian Dorman

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