December 2012 Report - The loss of Apollo and Acheru’s work in northern Uganda.
What a devastating end to the year with the brutal murder of Apollo. We still know very little of what happened but it doesn’t sound like a robbery; unfortunately it does seem as if he was targeted, but for what reason we’ve no idea.
Apollo had been with us for eight years, starting as clinical orthopaedic officer and more recently on study leave at medical school with the aim of becoming a surgeon. He remained contracted to Acheru, still worked there during holidays, and was important to our future plans. He had been staying with relatives near Mukono, and his body was found very close to home. His mother is still alive, and Apollo was the last surviving of four brothers.
The work of Acheru goes on and we have to come to terms with this loss, but Apollo’s work will be remembered for a long time by the large number of patients he helped. Another orthopaedic officer had been appointed when Apollo went to university so it’s not his medical skills which will be missed most, it’s his commitment to Acheru and the experience he brought to the management of the work.
We are now close to another big step with the work of Acheru, with preparations well under way for work in the north. It looks like we will be doing much more than we had originally envisaged but the need is great, donors have been generous, and everyone concerned believes we should go ahead with our plans. We’ve been talking to other agencies in the hope that we can work in cooperation and take referrals from them. The influence of Acheru can thus extend over a much wider area. When we sit around looking at possibilities or making plans, we have to think of the suffering children who may be helped, and this gives it all a sense of urgency. It’s nice to have the luxury of time in preparing for the future and looking at all the possibilities or potential problems, but while we’re doing this, children suffer, so I hope that very soon we will see significant growth in the number of children from the north who receive help.
Hazel and I intend going out later in January; it’s not my place now to try to tell them what to do, I want to meet with them all to hear what they think we should be doing, and give them whatever support and encouragement I can. Losing the experience of Paul, who left us to study in Amsterdam, and now Apollo, has placed a heavy load on the remaining staff, but I believe their vision remains undimmed.
Please pray that everyone involved in preparations for the future of Acheru will be blessed with the necessary wisdom and enthusiasm for the task.
Brian Dorman

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