December 2013 Report - Looking back over 2013 and a boy from Congo
The end of another year. A year of growth at Acheru – growth in blessing, growth in the area covered, growth in staff numbers, and of course, growth in the numbers of children treated, and so news of the work spreads. Growth in costs too, but through your generosity, we haven’t had to worry about that, and we can continue to ensure that no child will be refused treatment because of cost.
The work in the north has become established and we can see a lot of potential there. We’re also looking at how our community work can develop, both in the area around Acheru and around Minakulu in the north. There are problems to address beyond the immediate requirement for medical treatment, with many disabled children living in very difficult conditions, perhaps with the whole family suffering because of the perceived stigma of the child’s disability. We now want to do something about this and I hope to have more news soon.
Nothing tells the story of Acheru better than the stories of individual children. The boy in the picture, Adolf, is from the Congo. He has osteomyelitis and had been suffering for nine months before he was brought to us. He was immediately admitted to Acheru, and referred to CoRSU for surgery. He had his operation (sequestrectomy) on 15th December, and returned to Acheru on 19th for ongoing treatment and rehabilitation. The results are dramatic, but we know from experience that he’s likely to be with us for a very long time before he is free of infection. Coming from the Congo, there’s a language barrier, but despite that I hope Adolf and his carer will feel they’re part of the Acheru family. They will find ways to communicate, and it may be an opportunity for some people at Acheru to improve their skills in French.
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Adolf’s father writes: “We first took him to traditional bone setters, we paid a lot of money and there was no improvement until we were advised to come to Acheru at Kabembe, where a child with the same problem was treated and healed, so we are here. My son has great improvement, as soon as they removed the rotten bone the pain came down. When I reached CoRSU, I found people from my home area but I could not even know that there was anyone in Congo who knew where I could have taken my son to get healed. God does amazing things.”
I can’t add anything to that!
Brian Dorman

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