October 2015 report
Gyagenda Eria is a 12 year old boy from Kalungi village in Nakasongola district, treated in Acheru for a knee deformity. He is one of 8 children, another of whom has a mental disability. His mother says;
“at the age of eight he started complaining of pain after walking for a long distance because schools are so distant from home. We tried some hospitals but it was so expensive we just decided to leave him in that condition. So sad that people in the community had started to talk ill about our family, this is because we have a child who is mentally sick and then Eria with a deformed leg. We used to hear rumours that we might be cursed. But being believers in God we just ignored all and focused on how we can help our child. God is always good, our prayers were answered. A lady who came to our community saw Eria walking with difficulty and she knew where we can be helped. She directed us to Acheru and what we have received is the best. God is using people in this place, the care given to us from the day we reached the unit to the day we have been discharged home is good. May God bless this place always.”

Mwesige Junior is an 8 year old boy from Kiyunga village in Mukono district, born with two deformed feet. He was brought to Acheru on 12th August 2014 when his mother heard about Acheru from someone who came to their village. This man then went to Acheru, and some of the staff visited the family to see if they could help.
Junior’s mother says: “it isn’t easy for me to raise my children alone without their father. We separated because of Junior; my husband argued that he doesn’t give birth to lame children. He married another wife and my husband’s family also blamed me. I went back to my parent’s home with all my children. I tried my best to get Junior treated when he was still young but I stopped due to lack of money and I have no job to give me money for essential needs at home. I was feeling bad to see him walking like that but I had no option.”
Junior had never attended school because of the distance; he couldn’t walk there, and his mother had no money for transport. Junior has now been blessed, having received the chance of treatment, and has now been able to start his education.

Mwesige Junior before and after surgery

I had hoped by now to be finalising dates for a visit to the UK by Joyce and Harriet in the hope that as many of you as possible might have an opportunity to meet them, but unfortunately they have been refused visas. We have now applied unsuccessfully three time, and find the reasons given for every refusal very hard to understand but there is no right of appeal, and no one we can talk to about it. I still want to bring them here, and they are so disappointed, they had been looking forward to this trip for a long time but there is nothing more we can do at present. We are looking carefully at the whole process to see if anything can be done differently, and may try again next year. We have had many visitors from Uganda over the years with no problems, and it has been very worthwhile bringing them here.

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