December 2016 report - Looking back over the past year's work
We were saddened to hear of the loss of Peter shortly before Christmas. For five years he had looked after the Acheru grounds at Kabembe, with the quality of his work clear for all to see. He was on his way to his grandmother's funeral when a taxi lost control and knocked him off his motorbike. He was taken to hospital with a badly broken leg and was due for surgery but several days later his condition worsened. He was rushed to the intensive care department of another hospital but couldn't be saved. Peter was only 22 years old, and was shortly to become a father for the first time.
Another year has passed during which we encountered problems and challenges and came through a number of changes both in Uganda, and here at home with the administration of the charity. However news from Uganda demonstrates clearly that blessing continues to result from the work done there, due to the continued dedication of the staff. I can also pay tribute to the support and encouragement of donors and friends here, enabling us to continue our support of the work. We all, at home and in Uganda, remain focused on setting a Christ like example of care and concern for those in need, often against a background of fear, misunderstanding, misguided traditions, and witchcraft. The next year will bring more difficulties, but we look back at problems overcome, and face the future with confidence, assured that we are not doing this alone.
The following are some recent quotes, reminding us of how people are affected by our work.
"I had no idea of what to do until someone from Acheru assured us that the foot can be treated without any complications, he directed us where the place is located and it has been so nice to receive the best. We seemed so hopeless at the beginning but all our hopes have been restored with the good news of great change."
"Children at school are not going to abuse me again and I can walk without pain."
"He is now going to school again, able to perform activities of his age, no more pain as it used to be."
"May the almighty God bless you all."
"My grandmother took me to different places in search for help but all were in vain. I was taken to hospital and surgery was done but still the problem re occurred and people in our village started saying that someone who is bewitched cannot be healed in hospital and that is why the problem re-occurred. But I am so happy for the treatment I have received in Acheru, I have never been in such conditions ever since I became sick. The care and love from people around the place made me feel more comfortable. I met many children with the same problem like mine and this assured me that it was not witchcraft. I am so ready to start school again."
"Currently he is able to walk, run, no more pain, he was able to thatch his parent's hut with grass after discharge from Acheru. Some neighbours had not believed that his leg could be straightened but they believed after seeing him."
Thank you to everyone who helped make all this possible.
Brian Dorman

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