June 2017 report
With the last circular I included a number of pictures. These showed clearly the physical changes brought about in some of the children. For many of them the treatment they receive is life changing, enabling them to live a normal life, have an education, go on to develop careers. I have to justify spending donor's money on Acheru so I am interested, as Uganda develops, in the services provided by other medical facilities. Some of them may now be capable of dealing with the physical needs of these children, although perhaps not to our standards. Acheru also has a programme of spiritual and educational work to try to address the needs of these children after all they may have suffered through witchcraft or traditional practices as a result of their disability.
We've seen the changes in so many children, a whole new life for them and their families with all its opportunities, but this isn't possible in most hospitals and clinics, whatever the quality of their medical care. We believe Acheru continues to set standards not just for medical treatment and care, but for the spiritual work undertaken by our staff, among them Justine in the classroom, and Harriet and Rose working in the community. In addition we have voluntary help through links with local churches and other organizations, as well as through Uganda Christian University.
We've come through a lot with Acheru to get to where we are now. What has remained consistent through all the problems associated with development is the reliance we place on the staff, and their focus on the needs of the children. Some children are brought to Acheru with very serious conditions, requiring specialized surgery and possibly lengthy post operative care and rehabilitation, but even the simplest of treatments can make a big difference to a child.
We know we shouldn't have to deal with many of the conditions encountered. They're too often the result of neglect, abuse, or the intervention of witch doctors and traditional healers, but the reality is there's a long way to go to eradicate these problems and we see no falling off in the need for the services provided by Acheru.
So each time you see a picture of a hopefully happy Acheru child, stop to think of the depth of suffering and misery which may lie behind the image and what Acheru, through your help, has meant to them.
Brian Dorman

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